The 10%

The 10%


"TV-CM KENKYUKAI - The 10%", which produced the TEN ZOO video podcasts for the Tennoji Zoo, is a circle of students at Osaka University of Arts. Our members have a free hand in producing whatever projects they would like, including movies, commercials, animation and promotional videos.
We devote ourselves to video making - at an easy pace at times, more seriously at other times - and encourage each other in our work, both as individuals and as a group.

Our Activities

Original films produced by our members are shown at the school festival of Osaka University of Arts. We participate in "College Night", an event held every summer at the Apple Store, Shinsaibashi in Osaka.
In 2008 we organized a lecture at our university by Mr. Kazuaki Kiriya, a filmmaker famous for directing the promotional music videos of singer Hikaru Utada, as well as directing the movies "Casshern" and "Goemon".



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