Message on the Project

Message on the Project from NANNO & COMPANY


NANNO & COMPANY, a business partner of the Tennoji Zoo in Osaka, proposed in spring 2009 the idea of introducing an audio-visual guide both in Japanese and English -- in a handheld device for visitors to the zoo.

Both the Tennoji Zoo and NANNO & COMPANY looked into ways to make this audio-visual guide as cost-effective as possible in consideration of the financial difficulties that the City of Osaka, which operates the zoo, which has been under.

In so doing, we were introduced by the Apple Store Shinsaibashi in Osaka -- with which NANNO & COMPANY has worked before -- to a student group at the Osaka University of Arts called the gThe 10%h. These students volunteered to produce videos for the Tennoji Zoo not only to gain valuable experience but also as a memento of their college years.

In spite of their busy study schedules, the student members repeatedly visited the zoo to film various animals, eventually completing production on two videos of the zoofs gAfrican Savanna Zoneh and gAsian Tropical Rainforest Zoneh to be released as video Podcasts in December 2009.

Except for an English-language map* and brochures of the African Savanna and Asian Tropical Rainforest zones, the Tennoji Zoo has no official information available in English. NANNO & COMPANY has therefore provided the translation and voice narration of the two videos into English. We sincerely hope that many people all over the world, in viewing these videos, will get to know the Tennoji Zoo in Osaka and visit it in the near future.

Lastly, let me express my gratitude to the members of gThe 10%h for their contribution to this project, to Apple Store, Shinsaibashi for their cooperation, as well as to Mr. Minoru Miyashita, the Tennoji Zoo honorary director, and Mr. Yasuaki Sakakihara for their interest and support in helping to realize this project.


Yoshimi Nanno
December 2009

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